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Arab Bank Switzerland is a bridge between the Arab and Western world. For over 50 years we have championed business leaders and family entrepreneurs. Welcome to a unique institution that encourages your every opportunity.

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Arab Bank Switzerland

Success is a journey

Year after year, entrepreneurs, families and business leaders must navigate the times: often uncertain, sometimes complex and always changing. Arab Bank Switzerland prides itself on being an institution that encourages this tenacity and stands by its valued clients as they undertake their journey to success.

Arab Bank Switzerland

Investment policy

We have an unwavering commitment to our investment principles of security, flexibility, liquidity and diversification. Over the decades, these four guideposts have generated fruitful risk-adjusted returns for our clients and protected the reliability and reputation of Arab Bank Switzerland. To create enduring returns over time, our investment teams must demonstrate both solidity and agility.

Arab Bank Switzerland

Values & ethics

Arab Bank Switzerland acts as a trusted partner to established businesses, wealthy individuals and ambitious entrepreneurs with strong ties in the MENA region. With a particularly solid balance-sheet and a history of stable earnings, even in times of economic turbulence, we are proud of our Bank’s resilience and financial record. This ability to weather financial storms is based on a highly principled approach that prioritises an international spread of risk and an emphasis on political and economic stability. This diligent approach, coupled with geo-political insights garnered from a familiarity with emerging countries and our deep presence in the MENA region, is bolstered by strong compliance and risk teams.


Adapting to uncertainty-our commitment.

We are living troubled times, affecting our health, our Family lives, our economies and testing our political systems.

In these times of crisis, we reaffirm our dedication to our clients. For the last 88 years, we have survived our share of crises, revolutions, upheavals and wars. Adapting to an ever-changing world is part of our values.

Since the beginning of this unforeseen epidemic, the well-being of our clients, our colleagues and fellow citizens has been and remains our upmost priority.

Pro-active measures have been put in place for our teams to limit the spread of the virus whilst ensuring seamless continuity of our banking operations. Thanks to our state of the art technological infrastructure, and the exceptional reactivity of our teams, we were one of the first banks in Switzerland having 80% of the workforce working from home, while not sacrificing either security or the level of service.

Our mission today and in the future is to protect our clients and our colleagues as well as supporting the local communities to which we belong.



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