Wealth Management

“ Providing bespoke solutions that exceed expectations.”

At Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., we set our clients as the focal point of our concerns and activities, placing greatest care and attention to their welfare. For each and every one of our customers, we strive to establish a long-lasting, unique relationship built on mutual trust and discretion. Our interest towards our clients extends beyond their holdings. We aim to truly understand their needs, the issues they face and the short and long terms priorities they have. We offer a high standard of service coupled with innovative solutions, designed exclusively to fulfil the particular requirements of each of our clients as well as their individual aspirations.

Private Banking

Our Private Banking team strives to fulfill our clients needs and requirements by providing the right investment solutions through the spectrum of our investment services.

Based on an individual review, we assess our clients’ investment objectives, their attitude towards risk exposure and performance expectations, so as to define a suitable investment strategy. By adopting an “open architecture” approach to managing investments, we remain flexible in designing investment  portfolios for our clients and provide access to a wide range of in-house solutions as well as third-party “best-of-breed” investment products. Our investment policy is founded on four elements and outlines the key parameters and principles that guide the crafting and management of individual investment solutions.


We prefer long-term capital appreciation to short-term speculative gains. Asset protection is a major investment target.


The careful selection of investments that offer a favorable risk/return ratio is of fundamental importance. Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. assigns particular priority to an international spread of risk, with special emphasis put on political and economic stability. In addition, considerable attention is devoted to establishing the right mix of currencies and securities.


Only a flexible investment strategy can be adequately responsive in today’s volatile financial markets. Accurate investment timing requires the ability to move and convert assets without delay or capital losses.

Market Liquidity

In structuring  a portfolio, it is essential that investment products are readily marketable and can be quickly exchanged in favor of other, more attractive investment opportunities.

Financial Planning

Whatever your situation and your financial objectives are, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. cares about assisting you in meeting your goals. We will work with you to assess all aspects of your financial situation. Once an accurate picture has been established, we will help you develop customized solutions to optimize your finances and devise a comprehensive financial plan to even better cater for future challenges.

Family and Trust Services

You have pursued your ambitions, developed your holdings and achieved success. You can look back on your life’s work with pride. Yet, you feel the need to have your wealth preserved for future generations. Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is ideally positioned to assist you in making sure that the wealth you built up is protected and will be successfully passed on to the next generations. Drawing on expertise and in-depth knowledge through trusted partners of various possible solutions, we will develop with you the appropriate asset protection plan for a most effective wealth transfer.

Lombard Loans

You want to enhance the return on your portfolio? You want to fund your business needs but wish to preserve your private portfolio in a triple A country well reputed for its banking services?

If the answer to those questions is positive, you will most certainly want to benefit from our credit offering.

A simple pledging of your portfolio will provide you with access to these products and give you unmatched flexibility to conduct your business. You will benefit from:

  • Loans at competitive rates
  • Guarantees (bonds, advance payment guarantees, restitution guarantees, …)
  • Letters of credit.


Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. has experience in the real estate sector and supports its corporate and private banking clients to finance real estate acquisitions in Switzerland.

The bank grants and processes mortgages for primary and secondary residential housing as well as office acquisition. Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. can respond to its clients requests in a timely and efficient manner.