Our publications include Quarterly Strategy Updates, Selected Equity Factsheets, Weekly Market Updates, Market Timing Strategies, and Daily Morning Flashes.

Structured Products

Our structured products platform benefits from our well-established relationships with Global Banks and providers to access a wide ranging top-notch offering.
Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is able to cater for the very demanding appetite and sophisticated requests of clients.
Prompt and cutting-edge execution, term-sheet production and product booking is available for all product types and underlyings.

Fund Platform

Access to a large universe of funds is enabled through an open-architecture platform.
A diverse fund universe providing liquidity, fixed income, equity, asset allocation, real estate, hedge funds is accessible through a full open architecture platform.
By centralizing your fund holdings, a consolidated reporting can be provided on all fund holdings.

Best of Breed Fund Approach

From our universe of funds, discriminatory criteria are used to filter the universe into a high quality selection.
Using qualitative and quantitative assessments, the list is further refined resulting in a best of breed selection.
Our funds selection is continuously monitored and reviewed to assure the best funds are selected.