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Adapting to uncertainty-our commitment.

We are living troubled times, affecting our health, our Family lives, our economies and testing our political systems.

In these times of crisis, we reaffirm our dedication to our clients. For the last 88 years, we have survived our share of crises, revolutions, upheavals and wars. Adapting to an ever-changing world is part of our values.

Since the beginning of this unforeseen epidemic, the well-being of our clients, our colleagues and fellow citizens has been and remains our upmost priority.

Pro-active measures have been put in place for our teams to limit the spread of the virus whilst ensuring seamless continuity of our banking operations. Thanks to our state of the art technological infrastructure, and the exceptional reactivity of our teams, we were one of the first banks in Switzerland having 80% of the workforce working from home, while not sacrificing either security or the level of service.

Our mission today and in the future is to protect our clients and our colleagues as well as supporting the local communities to which we belong.



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