Treasury and Foreign Exchange

Our dedicated team can quickly and efficiently execute or advise on trades.

We provide our clients with a wide range of products and services in Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals and Securities Trading. Our team’s experience and know-how is at our clients’ disposal to advise them on their hedging and investment strategies. We will also endeavour to achieve best execution.

Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals

The Foreign Exchange market’s liquidity, transparency and a-cyclical relationship to other markets contribute to make this asset class a must have in a truly diversified portfolio. As far as Precious Metals are concerned not only do they benefit from the commodities frenzy but they also represent an inflation hedge in uncertain times (Gold).

Diversifying portfolio currency allocation can be done through spot, forwards, options or structured products. It can be done on a leveraged or unleveraged basis. A very popular way of diversifying currency allocation is through yield enhancement products like ‘DOCU’ or ‘DCI’ or simply through options. Our team will assist you in setting up strategies adapted to your risk profile.

Money Markets

We offer a fiduciary deposit service enabling our clients to maximise their returns and minimise their counterparty risk. Moreover we have access to the biggest players in money markets and interest rates derivatives and can tailor strategies to suit our clients’ needs.

Securities Trading

Our aim is to ensure best execution while maintaining the widest possible offer of markets and securities available to our clients, including most of Mena markets (some restrictions apply).