Specific Mandate

“Where enterprise meets expertise.”

Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Specific Mandates are strategies tailor-made to serve customized needs. It is for informed clients with an interest in the financial markets and with very unique preferences regarding wealth management.

Portfolio Management Client Specific Investment Solutions offer exceptional individuality and flexibility in the development of personalized portfolios. Whatever is being sought, our investment specialists will thoroughly analyze your investment preferences and situation. We deliver tailor-made investment recommendations in line with your set investment objectives.

Key benefits of the Specific Mandate

Individual solution

Investment proposals are provided in line with a defined individual investment strategy and unique needs.


The expertise of our investment specialists ensure that sound investment decisions are taken that perfectly match defined personal investment objectives.

Independence and Access

Through our independence, access to the best-in-class products is available. This is complemented with access to the recommendations of our network of investment specialists.

Trust and convenience

Delegating the daily management of assets to our specialists saves valuable time while ensuring constant professional supervision and active management of the portfolio.

Risk management

Regular portfolio monitoring allows risks in the portfolio to be controlled according to specific investment objectives.