Classic Mandate

“Where enterprise meets expertise.”

With Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Classic Mandates, a customized, flexible portfolio is created that takes full consideration of personal situation as well as investment requirements. The portfolio is invested using the Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. investment process, which is based on the guiding principles of quality, diversification, liquidity, and creditworthiness.

At the heart of our investment process are four classic mandate strategies. Every client goes through a risk/return profiling process. This ensures that every one of our clients’ portfolios optimally suits specific personal needs in terms of overall risks and return preferences. With our classic mandate strategies, the option between an Income oriented, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, or Dynamic profile are provided in USD or EUR.

Key benefits of the Classic Mandate

Personal solution

Each personal portfolio is based on a specified investment strategy, which is tailor-made to the investor’s individual financial needs and goals.


Delegating the daily management of assets to our specialists saves valuable time while ensuring constant professional supervision and active management of the portfolio.


With Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. access to the investment expertise of a leading asset manager with global research capabilities is provided.

Risk management

The broad diversification of your portfolio, and our structured investment process, can reduce investment risk.


Transparent explanations are provided on the investment process, the potential investment solutions, and the associated risks. A clear reporting on a regular basis is available to ensure complete transparency.