Absolute Return Mandate

“Where enterprise meets expertise.”

The Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Absolute Return Solution was developed to generate medium to long term positive returns irrespective of market conditions.
Many investors are wary of traditional investments in equities and bonds due to the price volatility of these instruments in recent years. On the other hand, investors are looking for more upside potential than a money market investment can provide. For these investors, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Absolute Return Mandates provides an adequate solution. As with any investment, the risk of a loss can never be ruled out. However, in order to generate absolute returns, the strategy uses a very strict risk management system combined with an investment protection approach. In falling markets, the primary goal is to protect assets, whereas in rising markets the portfolio participates in market momentum.
Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Absolute Return Solutions diversify their investments globally across the traditional asset classes – money market instruments, bonds and equities, supplemented with nontraditional investments.

Key benefits of the Absolute Return Mandate

Focus and Transparency

Transparent absolute return targets not tied to a benchmark.

Market Flexibility

Innovative techniques to exploit potential returns in any market environment.

Safety and confidence

Strict active risk management and global diversification.