Asset Management

“ Where enterprise meets expertise.”

Our investment management team specializes in wealth management for private and institutional clients on a mandate basis. We offer outstanding expertise in cutting-edge investment strategies. We are fully dedicated to the specific needs of our clients and consider our responsibility for the assets confided to us as our highest commitment. If a discretionary mandate is chosen, investment decisions are entrusted to Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. portfolio management, with individual requirements remaining paramount. We offer customized investment solutions underpinned by our research-based investment process.

Key investment principles of portfolio management


Assets are allocated to a broad base of high quality investments that are selected on the basis of our  in-house research.


Transparent explanations of the investment process are provided including the potential investment solutions and the associated risks. Instruments that are easy to understand are used and reporting on current performance, including detailed risk assessments, is regularly provided.


A long-term investment strategy is defined and consistently followed, avoiding emotional decisions to  buy or sell prompted by impulsive factors.


The positions are monitored on a constant basis especially liquidity to ensure that clients can adjust their portfolio when required.