Advisory Process

“Businesses, like people, cannot grow without taking risks. We stand by our clients as they evolve.”

The advisory process at Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is entailing four stages carefully executed.

Understanding our Clients Goal

In a first comprehensive meeting, our client’s interests, preferences, goals, and values are reviewed to obtain a clear picture of their personal requirements.
The client’s risk profile is assessed in order to draw an appropriate picture with regards to his/her appetite for risk and expected returns.

Defining an Investment Solution

An investment solution is proposed by mapping our client‘s risk profile to an optimal asset allocation. In order to meet our client‘s expectations and goals, the investment solution is fine-tuned according to the specific investment universe, risk preferences, ability and awareness of the client.

Developing an Investment Strategy

The most suitable investment strategy to achieve our client’s goals is established. The selection of the investment instruments will be done within the recommended universe as per the ABS preferred lists of bonds, equities, ETFs, funds, and structured products.

Implementing and Monitoring

Once the investment recommendations are discussed and agreed upon, our client is provided with comprehensive documentation on investment performance. The market is continuously monitored and our client’s situation and portfolio are systematically reviewed. Our client is updated by his/her Advisor to advise on actions to be taken.