Advisory Portfolios

“Businesses, like people, cannot grow without taking risks. We stand by our clients as they evolve.”

The Investment Advisory team is dedicated to providing its customers with a first class service and advice on exploiting short-term and long-term market opportunities. Our advisors are committed to provide a dedicated service by:

  • Considering specific needs and requirements for investments
  • Providing prompt trading ideas based on your risk profile for all asset classes including derivatives when deemed appropriate
  • Understanding your level of experience and financial knowledge when advising investments and trading ideas
  • Providing and explaining the rationale on any recommendation
  • Assessing and describing the risks on each investment
  • Continuous involvement in any investment decision and not taking independent decisions beforehand
  • Providing a follow-up and monitoring on any decision that is recommended

Furthermore the Investment Advisory department offers its clients a vast array of portfolio structures based on your profile. Our ultimate goal is to create an individual investment profile that meets your investment and risk criteria.
In order to meet your expectations and goals, the investment solution is fine-tuned according to your specific investment universe, risk preferences, ability and awareness

Investment Advisory can offer you:

  • Traditional Asset Allocation: an optimized allocation of underlying asset classes (equities, bonds, etc.) based on your risk profile
  • Execution only: provision of direct access to investment products with prompt and dedicated support and follow up
  • Specific Asset Allocation: an allocation based on a specific request for exposure to particular investments themes or targeted returns