Trade Services

International trading business may involve complex structures and induce substantial risks. Having a trade finance specialist on your side with profound expertise will ensure optimal structuring of your transactions in a way to minimize your risk. With our assistance your transactions will progress faster and remain trouble free.


Our first-hand specialist knowledge of the international commodities markets and our specialisation in the Middle East and North African markets enables us to overcome the obstacles inherent to international trade and to provide you with fast and efficient trade services as well as intelligence to access these overseas markets.


Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is well equipped to provide you with financing solutions that fit to your commercial needs for various types of international trading activities.


Trading companies and well as Importer and Exporters will find that Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. offers the adequate instruments required to achieve successful trading activities:


         Letters of credit

         Bank guarantees (bid, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, )

         Stand By Letters of Credit

         Import and Export collections

         Confirmations of LCs

         Trade and Corporate loans

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